Our Work

The Living Cities approach

Living Cities tests solutions to racial disparities perpetuated by the public, private and philanthropic sectors. We use our network of public sector partners to connect with front-line staff, elected officials and others to embed anti-racist practices. And through our targeted initiatives and capital work, we’re currently focused on increasing access to capital and business starts and growth as an avenue for Black people and other people of color to create good jobs and build wealth.

Issue Areas

Centering racial equity

Living Cities works with cross-sector leaders in cities and trusted partners to center racial equity in all of our work. As a learning organization, we are intentional about sharing what we believe it takes to close racial wealth and income gaps and operationalize racial equity both internally at our organization and throughout our initiatives.



Our Initiatives

The Closing the Gaps Network and our Capital for the New Majority initiative are part of what we believe it will take to close racial income and wealth gaps in America. We and our partners in these projects, including local governments and those making decisions about capital, are focusing on the root causes of racial and economic inequality in America, with accountability to the communities we serve.


See The Latest

Living Cities’ blog includes the latest findings and thinking on racial equity topics from our staff and partners. Learn more about how those in our network are tackling the challenges of closing racial wealth and income gaps and building their skills to do so.

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