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Narrative Change

At Living Cities, we use the power of story and memorable messages embedded in our integrated communications to drive positive narrative change.

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Writing a New Narrative

Narratives are powerful, common frames and stories that help us make sense of a complex world. They shape our values, decisions and understanding of what is possible. But pervasive narratives in our society enable people to justify inequities, undermine efforts to combat structural racism, and perpetuate harm on communities of color.

We collaborated with field partners to explore changing narratives that hinder racial equity efforts in the private sector. And across all of our initiatives, we focus on shifting beliefs to advance new ways of working that undo racial inequities.

Our aim is to change beliefs about who should access capital and how they access it. To do that, we need a new, more accurate narrative that tells the whole story. As we write the new narrative, we are disrupting systems that dictate how capital flows to members of marginalized communities and creating new pathways so they can buy homes, start and grow businesses, and access equitable capital.

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