Resource: Checking In With Our Humanity

This resource compiles check-in questions, poems and activities that we’ve used to center humanity in our work.

Embedding racial equity into an organizational culture requires intentional work every single day. On a personal level, it can require a lifetime of studying, learning and unlearning which can seem daunting. There are many ways to incorporate thoughtful reflection and “racial equity pauses” into your processes in your day-to-day. At Living Cities, we have, for example, compiled songs with lyrics about race, identity, and justice; or that reminded staff of their culture. We have made time in meetings to reflect on current events as they relate to race. And, we have opened meetings with artistic and imaginative activities and check-in questions. This staff-compiled resource pulls together some of those questions and activities that we’ve used to center humanity in our every day work.

This list is not exhaustive but includes just a few of the ways that we’ve been able to have meaningful conversations with each other and to build relationships

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