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#WealthInColor: Red Planet Books and Comics [VIDEO]

Red Planet Books and Comics owner Lee Francis tackles the perceptions of and narratives about Native Americans and their communities, and has important lessons for investors in New Mexico and beyond.

In the second video in Living Cities’ #WealthInColor series, we speak to Lee Francis, owner of Red Planet Books and Comics as well as Native Realities, a publishing company and “imagination enterprise” in Albuquerque focused on changing narratives around indigenous communities.

Lee has a critically important perspective on wealth generation and about the ways investors and philanthropy can more effectively support communities of color, particularly Native communities.

Lee also presents a story about the Native American experience that is important for those who are working in entrepreneurial ecosystems to understand so that they can: 1) see how their work ultimately impacts those they intend to serve, and 2) provide resources to founders in a way that is healing, empowering and sustainable.

Lee’s story is bright, overwhelmingly positive, and simply visionary.

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