White Women: Its Time To Be Anti-Racist

This zine project is an evolution of a blog post I wrote in September 2019. Like the blog, it doesn’t offer answers or solutions, but sheds light on some of the lessons I’ve learned through my personal journey. I hope it inspires white women, and other people, to take what resonates, leave the rest, and deepen your commitment to shaping an anti-racism journey that leverages your unique skills and contributions.

The work of zine-making, like the work of anti-racism, has a long history connected to justice movements for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and other historically marginalized folks. You can read about this history and other ways Living Cities has incorporated zines into our healing justice work through my colleague Hafizah Omar’s recent blog, Zine-making as storytelling and healing.

Resources and references related to this zine:

The Case for Reparations

Movement for Black Lives Policy Platforms

Resmaa Menakem’s work

Undoing Racism

How-To Guide: Employee Resource Groups

White People Hate Protests Zine

Organizing for Racial Justice Timeline

All in this Together: Ending White Supremacy Culture Starts With Us

Sources of Power

Video editing and graphic design by Joanna Carrasco

White Women: Its Time to Be Anti-Racist.

(Photo: majka czapski/flickr/cc)

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