Toward an Abundant Future: A New Foundation

A New Foundation seeks a more abundant and dignified future where wealth is a tool for catalyzing human flourishing and honoring intrinsic prosperity.

Living Cities partnered with Gumbo Media to curate nuanced, dynamic storytelling about the history and impacts of race across the Closing the Gaps Network’s cohort cities: Albuquerque, NM, Austin, TX, Memphis, TN, Minneapolis, MN, Rochester, NY, St. Paul, MN.

This editorial ensemble examines the language and systematic realities of generational wealth building through the lenses of homeownership and business starts and growth. Anchoring in the six cities, we utilize qualitative and quantitative data to analyze racist systems and generations-old inequities in wealth.

A New Foundation uses human-centered storytelling and creative expression to highlight existing abundance in Black, Indigenous, Latine, and other communities of color and push our imaginations about what is possible when we organize and ask: What does it look like to shift the center of wealth away from whiteness? What does it mean that the communities with the least historical monetary wealth are often the richest in culture, art, and expression? What would be the impact of reorienting our comprehension of wealth as something more human, more dignified for all?

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