The Integration Initiative: Final Report

In January 2010, Living Cities launched The Integration Initiative (TII) to support “bold, promising approaches that have the potential to transform the lives of low-income people and the communities in which they live.”

In 2014, Living Cities launched phase two of The Integration initiative (TII), a systems change effort to improve the lives of low-income people in areas such as workforce development, economic development, equitable transit-oriented development, education, and health . To implement TII, Living Cities’ staff worked with a cross section of leaders in select cities to intentionally apply collective impact, public-sector innovation, capital innovation, and real-time sharing of learning.

In this final report, you will find a high-level overview of the main findings of our work of TII’s partner sites and initiative directors: Robin Brule in Albuquerque, Kurt Sommer in Baltimore, Tawanna Black in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Ashleigh Gardeire and Judith Dangerfield in New Orleans, and Ellie Rossiter and Theo Miller in San Francisco.

Click here to review our initial learning from the culmination of the first three years of the work of TII.

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