Systemic Racism 101: A Visual History of the Impact of Racism in America


Systemic Racism 101: A Visual History of the Impact of Racism in America

Book by: Living Cities and Aminah Pilgrim

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In collaboration with historian Aminah Pilgram, PhD, we break down concepts of systemic racism, starting with Columbus’ arrival in 1492 to the Black Lives Matter movement. This book offers historical overviews, infographics, and more to help you uncover the history behind systemic racism and learn tactics to close racial wealth gaps. Breaking down the complicated, dense, and difficult history of societal, economic, and political oppression, this book calls out the harms over the past 500 years and gives insight needed for steps forward.

This book is an adaptation of the curriculum we followed in our REI journey. It contains many of the resources used, discovered, and created to help Living Cities support leaders in cities undo the effects of racism in their communities.

– Joe Scantlebury, Living Cities CEO and President

Our history continues to have a tremendous impact on our fight for equality today. Learn more from our infographics with explanatory text to help visualize the harms of racism and it’s impact on our society today. Discover how—and why—Black, Indigenous, and people of color in America experience societal, economic, and infrastructural inequality throughout history.

Reckon with the past to re-imagine an anti-racist future.

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