Racial Equity Here Learning Report: Lessons from 5 Cities Operationalizing Racial Equity

Through partnership with the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) a project of Race Forward and the Center for Social Inclusion, and the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, we provided technical support and coaching to these cities as they normalized conversations about race, operationalized new behaviors and policies, and organized to achieve racial equity.

As a learning organization, Living Cities seeks to uplift results, stories, and lessons from people and institutions on the front lines of racial equity and inclusion (REI) work. The cities involved in REH are just five of the hundreds of municipalities that work with GARE and others to operationalize racial equity. Our hope is that this report adds to the depth of writing and collective learning on this topic, while recognizing that it is just one drop in the bucket of extensive REI work being advanced across the country.

In addition to adding insights and value to the broader field, we know that racial equity work starts at home. Living Cities has learned from REH cities throughout our time working together, and this learning report will continue to inform our own REI journey. We hope it can do the same for yours.

Join us in uplifting the fantastic work of the cities of Albuquerque, Austin, Grand Rapids, Louisville, and Philadelphia by sharing this learning report with #RacialEquityHere

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