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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: Capital for the New Majority with Monique Woodard [VIDEO]

This video features Monique Woodard, a venture capital investor who is a contributor to our Builders and Benefactors series. Monique is part of a network of private equity investors, venture capitalists, and founders of color who are intentionally investing to close racial wealth and income gaps. Together, we imagine what the capital ecosystem could look like #IfGapsWereClosed.

In this video, Monique shares:

  • Challenges faced by entrepreneurs, particularly entrepreneurs of color, seeking capital
  • Practical ways to support venture capitalists of color
  • The value of the Builders & Benefactors network
  • Her advice to founders of color

“We are on the cusp of shifting to a majority-minority nation. In younger generations, those that often drive tech, those numbers have already flipped. It just makes good economic sense for us as a nation to figure out ways to close the wealth gaps.”

What resonated with you? Share your thoughts and questions with us @LivingCities and @MoniqueWoodard using #IfGapsWereClosed.

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