Closing racial income and wealth gaps

Our initiatives, Closing the Gaps Network and Capital for the New Majority, are part of what we believe it will take to close racial income and wealth gaps. We are working with local governments across the country to focus on the root causes of racial and economic inequality in America, to address those problems and to measure our effectiveness, with accountability to local partners and the communities they serve. At Living Cities, we also see capital as a key driver of social change and an important tool needed to shift power within systems. We use our funds, position of influence and unique risk models to test risk perception and assessment and encourage investors to use their capital in historically underserved and overlooked populations.

Current Initiatives

Past Initiatives

City Accelerator

The latest jobs report shows that our national recovery from the COVID pandemic and its economic impact will be slow and painful for millions of Americans, particularly those who did not have the luxury of wealth.

Racial Equity Here

Living Cities supported five U.S. cities committed to improving racial equity and advancing opportunity for all.

Innovation Teams

We partnered with Bloomberg Philanthropies to support a growing network of cities with dedicated innovation teams that developed and deployed bold ideas to tackle the biggest issues facing city governments.

Working Cities Challenge

Public, private and nonprofit leaders across Massachusetts and Rhode Island teamed up to help resolve economic issues in smaller cities – and challenged leaders in those communities to do the same.

Civic Tech and Data Collaborative

We worked with Code for America and the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership to support teams of civic technologists, data practitioners and government officials in cities while they developed data and technology solutions to address pressing problems.

Pay for Success

We invested in Pay for Success partnerships to test new ways of investing in human capital, and to develop a commercially viable market for doing so.

Project on Municipal Innovation

We worked with the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center to convene and support a network of mayoral chiefs of staff and policy leaders who advance transformative change through innovation in city government to improve the lives of residents.

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