This sketch graphic is part of a series of stories that the Living Cities summer 2018 intern cohort is producing surrounding their racial equity journey and summer experience.

Jasmine Tew, member of Living Cities’ 2018 summer intern cohort, walks us through her experience as an international student at an American university in her creative sketch graphic. Growing up in Malaysia, where the demographic is composed of mostly Malays, Indians, Chinese, and a significant immigrant population, she was encouraged to approach her world with a race-neutral lens – we are all Malaysians. This has changed since coming to the United States. Her experience with racialization here has led her to reflect on her multiple identities and how she fits into the puzzle. This piece documents her journey of navigating this change and how Living Cities has equipped her with the tools she needed but did not have, to undo harmful narratives about colour.

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Published: August 20, 2018
Contributors: Jasmine Tew