We administered this survey as a baseline measure of our staff’s collective competency around embedding a racial equity lens in our work.

Living Cities conducted this survey in July of 2017 to collect data from staff as a baseline from which to track our organizational progress toward building our competencies and advancing racial equity at Living Cities moving forward.

The results of the survey have also proved tremendously useful in helping the internal Colleagues Operationalizing Racial Equity (CORE) team identify potential next steps and opportunities to continue to embed a racial equity lens across the organization. For example, the survey results convinced us to have all staff members complete an Undoing Racism training and informed the development of our most recent All-Staff Retreat.

The results of this survey were also an input into our recent scan to identify trends in the field on what organizations are doing internally to advance racial equity.

The questions from this survey are adapted from GARE’s Employee Survey for Local Governments, D5 initiative’s Field Survey, Vanessa Daniels’ piece “More is Required of Us,” as well as best practices from the field.

Update: The results of our survey and insights we learned are also now available – check them out!

If you have any questions or want to share your story on your racial equity journey, please email racialequity@livingcities.org

Published: April 10, 2018
Contributors: Hafizah Omar