A set of suggestions and resources to use your Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment feedback to facilitate group discussion aimed at improved stakeholder engagement.

Living Cities developed the Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment to help those engaged in cross-sector partnerships, particularly collective impact partnerships, understand how to best work with stakeholders to achieve dramatically better results for low-income people in cities. The Assessment was developed for multiple representatives to complete the Assessment and then discuss the feedback they receive. Through the discussion of these findings, individuals can raise challenges and concerns with partners and determine potential solutions.

If you haven’t yet, please make sure you take the free Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment. The Group Planning and Discussion Guide will not be applicable to your work without an understanding of the Assessment itself.

Take The Assessment 

This Guide will help you plan for these discussions using the following three step process:

  • 1) Invite representative stakeholders to complete the Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment.
  • 2) Representatives review and compile the feedback they receive.
  • 3) Plan and convene a meeting of the cross-sector partnership (or appropriate sub-group).

The Guide also includes additional resources to help you plan for your group discussion, including an Action Commitment Exercise, sample outreach materials and sample meeting agendas.

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Published: November 10, 2015