Use this simple template to capture action commitments at the end of meetings with your partners.

This exercise was adapted from the work of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Accountability can present a major barrier to achieving a cross-sector partnership’s intended impact. However, accountability is crucial to ensure work is moving forward and progressing in a way that contributes to a partnership’s shared result. Imagine a meeting or convening of partners where no one commits to doing anything afterward? How will the partnership ever ensure it’s achieving better results?

The Action Commitment Exercise is an excellent way to publicly document next steps and commitments among partners to move the work forward. By openly discussing and documenting next steps at the close of your cross-sector partnership meetings, your partnership can maintain transparency about roles, responsibilities and contributions necessary to move a shared result. It also helps maintain momentum and solidifies buy-in before partners return to their individual areas of work.


Download the exercise from this page and fill out the simple template, that walk you through:

  • WHAT actions you/your partners will take to move the work forward?
  • WHO needs to be involved? (Stakeholders)
  • WHEN the actions need to be completed? (Dates and Deadlines)
  • HOW those actions will contribute to your shared result?

The Action Commitment Exercise holds the result at the center. Based on Living Cities experience, we’ve found that it is crucial for cross-sector partnerships to do so, or else they risk taking actions that do not further their results. This is especially true for collective impact, which Living Cities believes is the most promising model to achieving dramatically better results, faster.

Published: November 10, 2015