Wingham Rowan

Wingham Rowan

Wingham Rowan is Director of the “Beyond Jobs” project in London, UK.

Beyond Jobs grew out of multiple UK government investments to create advanced markets for low skilled people seeking non-standard employment. Wingham oversaw these projects and market launches. He now works with cities in Europe and the USA.

Many years before “The Sharing Economy”, he authored two books (one published internationally) and countless articles about the potential of new markets for irregular economic activity in communities. At the time he was producing and hosting what became the UK’s longest running TV series about the Internet.

He has written multiple policy papers about the “grey zone” between structured work and unemployment. His papers advocating “Full Spectrum Employment Support” – increasing options for irregular workers in the workforce system, not just job seekers – have been published by institutes from the anti-poverty left to the free-market right.

Wingham Rowan

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A Fresh Perspective on the Future of Work

Labor markets appear to be fragmenting. Increasingly, low-skilled workers are transitioning from traditional jobs to portfolios of uncertain arrangements with multiple employers. Philanthropies and government spend billions on access to jobs. Do we need a new model for a new era? Wingham Rowan ran the United Kingdom’s government initiatives to support what in Britain they term, “irregular work.” We asked …

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