Wendy Sedlak

Wendy Sedlak

Wendy’s background is in applied research and program evaluation, with a particular focus on social policy research and evaluation in the areas of social mobility, community health, housing, education, and workforce development. Her expertise includes the development and administration of survey instruments, qualitative field studies, and statistical analysis.

At Equal Measure, Wendy directs complex evaluations of national systems-change initiatives. Her most recent work includes managing two U.S. Department of Labor-funded Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) evaluations. Wendy also directs an evaluation of the Marriott Marquis HQ Hotel Jobs Training Program, a workforce development initiative targeting low-income Washington, D.C., residents. Wendy has also played a significant role in quantitative and qualitative analyses of cradle-to-career education and STEM evaluations for the Helmsley Charitable Trust, the Citi Postsecondary Success Program, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s community Partnerships portfolio, and the Strive Partnership.

Before joining Equal Measure, Wendy worked for Temple University’s Institute on Disabilities. As part of an evaluation of a Parents As Leaders (PAL) initiative, Wendy helped design, coordinate, and run focus groups to understand what motivates parents of children in typical childcare centers to participate in parent training opportunities. Wendy also worked at the Wilder Research Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she conducted internal and external program evaluations and was responsible for overseeing all medium- to large-scale computer-aided telephone interviewing projects.

Wendy Sedlak

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