Trent Van Alfen

Trent Van Alfen

Trent Van Alfen joined GHHI in June 2015 as Social Innovation Specialist. In this role, he provides technical assistance to organizations around the country who are exploring Pay for Success financing models to solve social problems. He has led three projects through Pay for Success feasibility studies and is currently leading one through the transaction structuring phase.

Previously, Mr. Van Alfen worked as a middle school Spanish teacher with Teach For America for two years in the DC Region before going on to gain experience in the social enterprise and impact investing fields. During college, he did a two-year service mission in the Dominican Republic and later spent summers doing humanitarian work in Uganda and research on ethnic issues in South Africa.

Mr. Van Alfen holds a BA in International Relations from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Georgetown McDonough School of Business where he was a Global Social Enterprise & Development Fellow.

Trent Van Alfen

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