Thiara Falcon

Thiara Falcon

Thiara Falcon joined Living Cities’s as an Administrative Assistant in July 2017.

Thiara previously served as the Executive Assistant to the President of Rite Check Cashing, Inc. in the Bronx. Thiara is most proud of her work with the non-profit organization Innovations for Poverty Action. She managed the implementation and scaling of a new savings account product opened by 800 customers in its first year as a result of her training of branch associates. Customers of Rite Check opened savings accounts to make impulse savings deposits through a local credit union partner as part of a project supported by Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and the Ford Foundation. The end goal of the project was to develop products people can use to make better financial decisions, escape cycles of debt, build assets and achieve financial resiliency.

Colleagues described Thiara as “an All-star” who “is beyond organized and able to do everything that the President throws her way.” She is a Bronx native and eager to contribute to a mission striving to get dramatically better results in communities like the one she grew up in.

Thiara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies from CUNY Hunter College.

Thiara Falcon

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Moving Toward Healing: The Role of Philanthropy in Rewriting Historical Narratives

This content was created in collaboration by Joanna Carrasco, Thiara Falcon and Santiago Carrillo for Hispanics in Philanthropy’s 2021 conference Collective Corazon: The Power is Ours. The session this content was designed for was intended to make the case for philanthropy’s role in rewriting false historical narratives about the communities they serve due to their role in maintaining these narratives …

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