TD Lowe

TD Lowe

TD Lowe is a Partner at 42Phi Ventures and Founder of EnovationNation Inc. Her career in technology has impacted greater than ten thousand startups who have raised more than $1.5 Billion in startup investment.

TD has worked in Technology, Strategy, Finance, Innovation and Venture Capital at several Fortune 50 companies as well as smaller firms. During her tenure, TD assumed key roles as a leader in corporate innovation, corporate strategy, finance, product marketing, partner-vendor negotiations, and technical development.

She serves as faculty at Southern Methodist University and has served as a guest teacher at Stanford University’s School of Engineering. A Politico Ambassador, an economist and self-taught developer who draws on her passion for innovation and her experience in technology, finance and strategy as driving forces to enhance, influence and educate the world on the power of innovation. TD was honored as one the “15 Most Influential Graduates” of the new millennium at The University of Alabama and named a “Legend” among other University of Alabama greats, like Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”


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