Sam Edelstein

Sam Edelstein

Sam Edelstein serves as the Analytics Coordinator for the City of Syracuse Office of Innovation.

Sam Edelstein

Analytics Coordinator, City of Syracuse

Sam’s responsibilities include gathering and analyzing city data to help make data-driven recommendations to improve city services. Sam is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Information Management with a focus in data science from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. He also has dual Bachelor’s degrees from Syracuse University in Economics and Policy Studies.

Sam Edelstein

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Led By Data II: More Insights from the Syracuse i-team

The City of Syracuse’s Innovation Team (i-team) was created in April, 2015 thanks to a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies. The team is currently focused on improving the city’s infrastructure systems, which are regularly battered by the harsh weather of Central New York. In his second post on the topic of civic data, Sam Edelstein, the team’s Analytics Coordinator, steps back …

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