Reggie Rucker

Reggie Rucker

Reggie Rucker is a proud Modestan who has spent the past decade-plus finding ways to lift up the community which has brought him so much inspiration and opportunity.

After spending nearly a decade as Modesto’s go-to social media guy, he started to search for new paths which led to his joining the New Leadership Network as a fellow in 2016. He currently serves as Director of Placemaking at the Downtown Modesto Partnership where his mandate is to co-create a downtown that appropriately embodies the heart and soul of Modesto in all of its glory.

Reggie Rucker

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Building the Backbone for Collaboration: Q&A with the New Leadership Network

How do you build a network that equips local leaders to change systems through racially equitable strategies? The New Leadership Network—launched in 2013 to support local leaders in the Central Valley of California—explored this question over five years, as the authors along with their design teams focused on building the backbone for cross-sector, cross-issue collaboration. Nearly 100 people joined this …

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