Ratna Gill

Ratna Gill

As a former Coordinator for Collective Impact, Ratna provided support to The Integration Initiative, helping to capture and share knowledge with both the organization and the field.

Ratna came to Living Cities in June 2016 as Coordinator for Collective Impact. Prior to joining Living Cities, Ratna attended Harvard University where she studied Economics and Latin, and served as the Chief of Staff of Sense & Sustainability, a blog and podcast run by students devoted to making cutting-edge research in sustainable development more accessible to the public.

Before S&S, Ratna worked on promoting sustainable small business among minority- and women-owned businesses at the Business Outreach Center Network in Brooklyn. She has also worked for the Environmental Defense Fund in Boston, The Nature Conservancy in Bogotá, and the urban development think tank Centro Mario Molina in Mexico City.

With a deep interest in issues affecting children and youth, Ratna took a gap year before college during which she interned with Sasha Bruce Youthwork in Southeast Washington, D.C., taught Latin at her high school in Virginia, and worked to expand Gyaan Ghar, a learning center she established in 2008 to provide supplementary education to low-income students in Ludhiana, India.

Ratna is now a Senior Associate at Aangan India, a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that even the most vulnerable child is safe, supported, in school and assured of a life free from trafficking, child labor, and abuse.

Ratna Gill

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Contributing Resources

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