Nora Liu

Nora Liu

Nora Liu is the project manager for Racial Equity Here, a joint project of the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) and Living Cities, to support local governments leading the way to create a future for racial equity and economic growth for all.

Nora brings over twenty years of experience working with communities to improve race and social equity. For ten years immediately prior to GARE, she worked to serve Seattle’s communities of color through her position within the City of Seattle. Most recently she was the Community Development Manager for Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) where her work created policy, tools and practices to leverage public and private investments to meet community goals and support the ability of historically marginalized communities to shape their own futures.

Seattle’s Equitable Development Initiative (EDI) works towards a Seattle which is diverse and where all people can achieve their full potential regardless of race or means. Its components include: Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan with race and social equity as a core value; an Equity Analysis to inform the City’s Growth Strategy; the Equitable Development Implementation Plan, a roadmap to systemic change; and community based Race and Social Equity Leadership. The EDI is a joint effort of OPCD and the Office for Civil Rights and Nora is honored to have been one of its major authors.

Nora Liu

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