Myung J. Lee

Myung J. Lee

As an immigrant, Myung is committed to the ideal that led her father to move her family to the US – a land of opportunity led by a “government of the people, by the people, for the people” – and has dedicated her career to strengthening democracy and ensuring that all people have access to opportunity.

Myung’s belief in possibilities and authentic leadership style have enabled her to lead successfully in the public, private and social good sectors.

Myung’s experience in the social good sector includes her role as the inaugural Executive Director of Cities of Service that operated on the theory that when mayors, city government staff, and community leaders work together with their residents – including those in historically marginalized and overlooked communities – to identify challenges, create solutions, and bring that solution to life, they improve outcomes, create systemic change, and strengthen our democracy. She also helped launch AmeriCorps at the Corporation for National Service and served over 100,000 NYC children living in poverty as the Deputy Commissioner of NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services.

Myung is a graduate of the Bronx HS of Science, SUNY-Binghamton, and Georgetown University Law Center and lives with her family in Harlem.

Myung Photo 10.24.23

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