Dr. Michael Isimbabi is a Washington, D.C.-based finance and energy industry professional and consultant. A former finance professor, banker and engineer, he is co-author of the investments book, Contemporary Portfolio Theory and Risk Management (West Publishing), and author of articles and scholarly papers in several publications.
Dr. Isimbabi’s professional career includes consulting, research, analysis, writing, teaching, and management experience spanning: Financial Markets; Investments; Banking/Financial Services; Energy Markets; Electric Power & Utilities; Minority and Urban Business & Finance; International Finance & Development; Emerging Markets; Technology; etc. He has worked on consulting projects for business/consulting firms, U.S. Government agencies, financial institutions, international development organizations, industry associations, and nonprofit organizations. He is a member of the Black Benefactors (a giving circle in Washington, DC) and Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy.

Dr. Isimbabi obtained his Ph.D. degree in Business/Finance from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

Read more about Dr. Isimbabi: http://www.PoolingOurResources.com/about-the-author.