May Samali

May Samali

May Samali is Director at Tumml where she is responsible for running the accelerator program and working closely with the organization’s portfolio companies.

May Samali is Director at Tumml, an urban ventures accelerator with the mission of empowering entrepreneurs to solve urban problems. May is responsible for running the accelerator program and working closely with the organization’s portfolio companies.

Prior to Tumml, May worked as a strategy consultant at a boutique advisory and venture firm, and as Deputy CEO at the world’s largest university-based social impact consultancy. She also practiced as an attorney at an international commercial law firm, and clerked for a judge in the largest superior state court in Australia.

May graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School with a Master in Public Policy and was awarded two fellowships in social entrepreneurship from Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership. She holds degrees in economics and law from the University of Sydney. She is also a John Monash Scholar and a delegate at the Australian American Young Leadership Dialogue.

Her primary areas of interest include venture financing, technology policy, urban innovation, social entrepreneurship, and purpose-driven leadership. She is published on these topics in a variety of outlets, including TechCrunch, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Philanthropy News Digest, the Conscious Magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

May Samali

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Mapping the Money (Part 3): Structural Barriers to Raising Capital for Early-Stage Purpose-Driven Businesses

In the final part of this three-part series, Tumml’s May Samali provides a window into two structural barriers that constrain purpose-driven entrepreneurs during capital raising.

Mapping the Money (Part 2): Fundraising Challenges Faced by Early-Stage Purpose-Driven Businesses

In this second blog of a three-part series examining the barriers facing purpose-driven businesses, May Samali delves into the fundraising challenges faced by purpose-driven entrepreneurs in their earliest stages of development. In yesterday’s blog post, May mapped the capital landscape for early-stage, purpose-driven businesses in the U.S. Read Part 1 and Part 3 of the series on our blog. Convincing funders to part with their …

Mapping the Money (Part 1): The Capital Landscape for Early-Stage Purpose-Driven Businesses

May Samali, Director at Tumml, provides an in-depth look at how early-stage purpose-driven businesses are raising capital, and highlights the “pioneer gap” they face in their startup phase. Throughout my career, I have witnessed the power of purpose-driven businesses to address pressing challenges such as unemployment and climate change, all while producing financial returns. But I have also noticed that …

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