Marlon worked on the Integration Initiative and other special projects that create more equitable and inclusive cities. He worked to implement, test and spread strategies that create collaborations across sectors in service of greater collective impact and economic opportunity for city residents.

Marlon Williams joined Living Cities in February 2017 as the Assistant Director of Public Sector Innovation working on the Integration Initiative and other special projects. Marlon’s career has focused on improving the economic, social and physical wellbeing of all urban residents with particular emphasis on increasing access and opportunity for low income families and communities of color. He specializes in the leadership of multi-agency and multi-sectoral initiatives that require the coordination and mobilization of numerous stakeholders towards achieving progress on initiatives that cannot be achieved by any one entity working in isolation.

Marlon previously served as Director of Cross Agency Partnership for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene where he worked with City agencies to identify opportunities for various City programs, policies and planning processes to maximize the potential to improve the health of local residents. This work included partnering with the housing department to integrate healthy home designs, the transportation and planning departments to build streetscapes that promote walking and cycling and the economic development agency to promote businesses that increase access to healthy and affordable foods.

His previous work has created impact through the creation of innovative new programs and policies including the Jobs-Plus workforce development program for public housing residents for the City of New York and financial empowerment programs and policies for the United Way of NYC. He also served as a Policy Adviser for the Deputy Mayor of New York City focused on housing, economic empowerment and aging. Marlon earned his bachelor’s degree from Williams College and his Master’s in Public Policy from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service. He is also an avid wanderer and dancer.