Marc Peters is a member of a new generation of male feminists who are speaking out for gender equality and the importance of engaging men in ending violence against women. Prior to joining MenEngage, he co-founded MasculinityU to encourage young men to rethink popular conceptions of masculinity. He has written about gender for PolicyMic, The Shriver Report and BK Nation, where he also serves on the editorial board. Marc also served as the Strategic Communications and Engagement Associate at Living Cities. Marc has spent much of his career as a youth activist, getting his start as the National Student Blog Director for Barack Obama’s first campaign for president. He went on to work for the groundbreaking organization Active Minds that engages young people in ending mental health stigma and promoting help-seeking. He has consulted for: the Girl Scouts of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas on issues of diversity; Australia’s youth mental health organization, Headspace, on school programing and Philander Smith College on black male achievement. Marc holds a B.A. in Policy Studies and Newspaper Journalism from Syracuse University and a Master’s in Public Service from the University of Arkansas- Clinton School of Public Service. In 2004, he was inducted as a Horatio Alger National Scholar and in 2007 was recognized as one of the top 65 public servants in his graduating class by the Harry S. Truman Foundation.