Lynnette White-Colin

Lynnette White-Colin

Ms. White-Colin is the Vice President of Small Business Initiatives at the New Orleans Business Alliance, a public-private partnership between the City of New Orleans and its business community.

Ms. White-Colin directs diverse activities promoting economic inclusion, to facilitate enhanced opportunities, sustainability and growth for local small businesses, with a significant emphasis on minority-and women-owned ventures. Lynnette forges relationships within the community of local anchor institutions, corporations, public entities, public construction projects, etc. fostering creation and identification of procurement and contracting opportunities for small businesses. She regularly convenes small business stakeholders to discuss strategies that lead to alleviation of barriers to growth for minority business owners. She provides custom connections between business owners and diverse technical and financial assistance providers to ensure local small businesses have both the resources and capital necessary to sustain and grow their organizations.

Lynnette White-Colin

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300 Years in the Making: Racial Equity, Entrepreneurship and Capital Innovation in New Orleans

In the first of a three-part series from cohort members, New Orleans discusses its rich history of entrepreneurship among people of color, and the gaps and biases inherent in its entrepreneurial ecosystem that are preventing these business owners from generating wealth and creating jobs. New Orleans–along with Albuquerque and San Francisco–are a part of a new Living Cities’ cohort intended …

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