Kesha Cash

Kesha Cash

Dubbed a “Top Five Gamechanger” by Forbes and a “Power Investor” by Essence, Kesha Cash founded Impact America Fund to harness market opportunities overlooked by traditional investors.

In 2016, Stanford Graduate School of Business published a case study on IAF to teach students about the structure of an impact venture fund, and how to analyze the social and economic impact of high-growth technology investments.

Kesha’s personal mission is to transform economic livelihoods of marginalized communities in America. A Columbia MBA and applied mathematics student from UC Berkeley, Kesha spent the first decade of her career as a mergers and acquisitions analyst at Merrill Lynch in NYC, an operational consultant to inner-city small businesses in Los Angeles, and an impact investments associate at Bridges Ventures in the UK. In 2010, Kesha co-founded an initiative focused on mission-driven entrepreneurs of color, Jalia Ventures, with serial impact investor, Josh Mailman. At Jalia, Kesha deployed $5 million and built a demonstration portfolio of 10 companies. She also supported Josh with managing Serious Change, LP, at that time a $50 million global impact investment fund. Kesha took her vision to the next level by founding IAF.

Kesha grew up in economic hardship and is her family’s first college graduate. Her lived experience and abiding belief in human potential inspire her life’s work. Kesha tells Forbes her vision for the future: “We identify as one human race and deeply consider the impact of our actions on other human beings, the environment and future generations.”

Kesha Cash

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