Kelli Cooper

Kelli Cooper

As a 20-year executive of the Albuquerque Community Foundation, Kelli has been the creative mind behind many of the programs, projects and initiatives contributing to its success.

Her commitment to promoting informed, strategic grantmaking has led to the development of several cooperative efforts, including a next generation (under 40) donor group, “The Future Fund,” which has grown an endowment to over $500,000 while awarding grants and increasing its diverse membership every year. She also designed a Corporate Philanthropy program customized for businesses of all sizes and giving levels that recognizes the value of strategic grantmaking. Another initiative, “The Mayor’s Prize,” is a competitive, prestigious grant supporting entrepreneurial support organizations. Always looking for new opportunities to invest in the community, Kelli championed the Foundation’s Impact Investment program which actively seeks investments outside of grant support, aimed at making Albuquerque better for more of its residents.

Kelli developed iconic local events to expand the Foundation’s brand, like the Great Grant Giveaway (the community’s most popular annual event), which highlights the work of several nonprofit organizations working to provide access to economic opportunities for their clients. The annual Concours du Soleil, another program, is a partnership with five local business leaders who lead efforts to raise funds for entrepreneurship.

Kelli serves on the Leadership Table of City Alive, Albuquerque’s Living Cities Integration Initiative. She lives in the stunning foothills of Albuquerque’s Sandia mountains with her husband Kevin and two gigantic standard poodles, Kona and Janet, whom she inherited from one of her three children who thought buying two large dogs with college graduation money made sense.

Kelli Cooper

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