Justice Jenkins

Justice Jenkins

Justice serves as an Associate for the Member Engagement and Results (MER) team, where he helps to develop and implement the collective action strategies that integrate the member collaborative and the Living Cities staff and programs.

Previously, he was a LEAD Democracy Fellow at NYU, where he worked with the non-profit organization Protect The Vote GA to increase voting rights across the state of Georgia by tracking important bills centered around voting rights, creating a legislative agenda for the org, and assisting in various administrative work including policy research and curating social media content. He also served as a consultant to United Way Central Maryland, helping them create a legislative roadmap for the 2024 Maryland Legislative Session that looked to advance their policy goals and improve the lives of their ALICE population.

In his free time, Justice loves to work out, enjoy time with his friends, and read about alternative economic systems for the working class. He is more than certain that–with enough advocacy, perseverance, and hope–a brighter, more equitable future for all lies ahead.

Justice holds a degree in Psychology from Georgia State University and has a Master’s in Public Administration from New York University.

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