Jonathan is the founder of Remarkable Cities and for 14 years has been the executive chairman of the Beyond Green group of businesses.

A human geographer, schooled in the work of Jane Jacobs, Ivan Illich, Lewis Mumford and David Harvey, he now puts his interests into practice as a developer and regenerator of places, a promoter of outstanding public realm (via a jv with Copenhagen-based Schulze+Grassov) and sustainability specialist. His obsessions are integrated, multidisciplinary design for places, partnerships across sectors and deep collaboration on complex projects all in the service of places, infrastructures, communities and lifestyles that can deliver both better and inherently sustainable outcomes.

Jonathan is currently working on the development of a new market town at the edge of Norwich, new typologies for liveable and resilient communities in residential-led, mixed-use places and on sustainable urban neighbourhoods.

Prior to Beyond Green, Jonathan was the managing director and international trustee of Greenpeace UK and founded the Earth Centre Charitable Trust – a pioneering sustainability and National Millennium project.