John Cruz, MUP

John Cruz, MUP

John Cruz is the Data Management Coordinator for Rise Community Development in St. Louis.

John Cruz is the Data Management Coordinator for Rise Community Development in St. Louis. In this role, he utilizes his prior experience working in private sector software development to support activities related to low-income housing developments, community development and technical assistance in collaboration with local non-profits, as well data analysis and democratization for public consumption. He is the co-project lead of the St. Louis Civic Tech and Data Collaborative, managing administrative and budget related tasks for the local initiative.

John holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Wayne State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Web Development from Baker College. When not working, he can be found walking his dog, playing his saxophone, or indulging in street photography.


Contributing Articles

Engaging Hard to Reach Users in Designing Civic Tech

Designing useful tech solutions requires working “with, not for” the community to solve problems. A civic tech and data collaborative in St. Louis reflects on how they engaged their end users—residents navigating the county court system. When St. Louis’ municipal court system came into the national spotlight in late 2014, our local Civic Tech and Data Collaborative—a partnership between Open …

Court Data in St. Louis County: Sharing Sensitively

A civic tech collaborative from St. Louis has developed a solution to help non-violent traffic offenders trapped in the court system.

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