Jay Feldman

Jay Feldman

Jay Feldman is a program director for Collective Impact in RTI International’s Center for the Evaluation and Study of Educational Equity. Trained as a developmental psychologist, he has worked in K–12 instruction, pedagogy, and curriculum; postsecondary education; disability services, and areas of youth development for more than 25 years.

Although Dr. Feldman’s projects encompass a variety of contexts and foci, a common thread includes a focus on developing equitable practices, interrupting inequity, examining technical and adaptive changes, a focus on collaborative processes, providing just-in-time feedback, and facilitating meaning making sessions to build the capacity of client organizations. He balances a practitioner and researcher perspective, having worked to provide practitioners with the information they need to change the lives of marginalized populations and so ensuring that his research is of practical and immediate value.

Jay Feldman

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Bringing Community to Cross-Sector Tables

“[Our cross-sector table] has to be authentic about giving power to the community, which means people in the community are [the table] members, they have the power to make decisions, and they are having their capacity built as a part of the initiative.” RTI International recently conducted research into what makes effective cross-sector tables, particularly ones that lead to collective …

A Path Towards Authentic Community Engagement

An equity-driven collective impact movement should seek to disrupt and reform unequal power dynamics. As we wrote in the previous piece in this series, structurally engaging stakeholders who typically have low political capital is key. This is part II of our Bringing Community Engagement to Cross-Sector Initiatives. Read the first part here. Collective impact initiatives cannot be piecemeal and short-term, but …

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