H. Kay Howard

H. Kay Howard

H. Kay Howard is a Director based out of Third Sector’s Boston office.

She supports government and nonprofit partners to leverage data, build feedback loops, and develop incentive structures that drive resources to improve education and employment outcomes in historically underserved communities. H. Kay manages Third Sector’s work locally in Massachusetts to link public benefits data statewide and to implement outcomes-based approaches for economic mobility programs. She also oversees the Pay for Success in Higher Education national cohort and is a member of the D.E.I. Leadership Team.

H. Kay Howard

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Impact vs. Intent: Initial Lessons from Third Sector’s Equity Journey

What does a low-income community look like? What systems and programs, while often well-intentioned, serve as the foot of oppression for keeping this neighborhood economically poor? After conducting this power analysis as part of the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond’s Undoing Racism Workshop, hosted by Living Cities, there was no denying the immense privilege and power Third Sector has to influence systems …

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