Frank Mirabal

Frank Mirabal

Dr. Frank Mirabal works with the Mayors Office to bring together cross-sector partners to creatively address the complex challenges the city of Albuquerque faces.

Frank was appointed by Mayor Richard J. Berry in 2014 to serve on his Executive Leadership Team as the Director of Collective Impact.

Prior to his work in the Mayor’s Office, Frank served as the President of Contigo Research, Policy & Strategy, a national consulting firm that provides research, public policy and strategic thinking services. During his tenure at Contigo, Frank published several reports that raised the visibility of community schools, health care career pathways and integrated education/workforce collaboratives. During this period, Frank was also highly regarded as an expert in race equity for his work with National Council of La Raza and its affiliate organizations. Frank has been a featured contributor to Education Week and The Hechinger Report. Frank obtained a Ph.D at New Mexico State University in Educational Leadership and has both a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Journalism from the University of New Mexico.

Frank Mirabal

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Why the City of Albuquerque Now Buys Local

Frank Mirabal’s blog is the first in a three-part series covering Albuquerque’s efforts toward more equitable procurement practices. In the coming weeks, contributors will bring their cross-sector perspectives to this important work, which intersects with Living Cities’ Integration Initiative; City Accelerator; and Start Up, Stay Up, Scale Up projects. When Tim Keller entered office in December 2017, he needed to order new …

Building a Platform Instead of a Wall

Learn how Albuquerque is working to support immigrant entrepreneurs through its work in the second cohort of City Accelerator, which focuses on revitalizing community engagement. In an election year when the national debate over immigration has often been polarizing, the city of Albuquerque is bristling with energy around engaging its diverse population of immigrant entrepreneurs. From networking events like Taza that engage …

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