Esther Mensah-Sullivan

Esther Mensah-Sullivan

Esther Mensah-Sullivan joined Living Cities in September 2016 with over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance.

Throughout her career, Esther has focused her work on the nonprofit industry.

Prior to joining Living Cities, Esther worked for an organization called Your Part-Time Controller, during which time she focused exclusively on supporting the finance and operating needs of over 25 non-profit organizations, ranging in size from budgets of $3M to upwards of $40M annually. She has led and developed the financial management infrastructure for many of the organizations she served. Employing her accounting knowledge and savvy financial analytics skills, she has contributed to strategic and budgetary planning, and influenced critical decisions for the organizations she supported.

Esther also has experience in public accounting, where she specialized in audits and preparation of tax documents for nonprofit and HUD-assisted organizations. After many years of concentration and developing an expertise in nonprofit finance, Esther has made the transition to dedicating her full attention to this mission critical work at Living Cities.

Esther Sullivan

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