Elaine Albertson

Elaine Albertson

Elaine is a lifelong Washington State resident, and a current data analyst, evaluator, and graduate student in public health at the University of Washington.

Elaine Albertson

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5 Lessons for Harnessing Data and Tech to Meet Community Needs

A community data intermediary in the Seattle area reflects on lessons learned in bridging between data, tech, and community-based organizations. Putting the principle of designing solutions “with, not for” residents into practice can pose a challenge for those working with low-income communities to bridge economic and opportunity gaps. This is particularly true for civic tech and data experts seeking to …

Leveraging Data to Address Community Needs in King County

A longtime data intermediary in the Seattle area reflects on opportunities to partner with tech and leverage data for big-picture change. Driven in part by successes of our region’s innovative tech industry, Seattle leads the nation’s large cities in its rate of population growth. As real estate developers rush to accommodate the housing needs of skilled and highly-paid tech workers, low-income …

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