Cynthia Jaggi is the Founder of GatherWell and a regular blogger for the non-profit career site, She writes about the new economy, social innovation and living your most meaningful life at

Cynthia Jaggi has founded GatherWell, the Think + Do Tank for Practical Idealists + the upcoming GatherWell Academy, offering free curated classes online.

Cynthia is a regular blogger for the top non-profit career site and co-author of The Data to Dollars Value Chain: A Practical Guide to Business Analytics. She writes and speaks about entrepreneurship for good, the new economy, social innovation and living your most meaningful life.

She was formerly a Partner at the Management Consulting firm Fitzgerald Analytics, a next-generation consulting firm focused on turning Data to Dollars™ . There she developed the Managing for Results framework to bring Executives together to make fact-based decisions and co-founded the Social Sector practice. Clients included Fortune 500 companies and leading social innovation members of the New Profit portfolio.

Later, she chaired the Advisory Board on Client Data Management for Catholic Charities USA whose network administers more then $720 million in social services annually and spearheaded a coalition to develop Collective Force, a Case Management system for multi-programmatic human services organizations. During this period she oversaw strategy and programs for the low-income community in the East Bay, including Education & Training, Mental Health, Legal, and Safety Net services.