Crystal is a project manager with a practiced eye for operations efficiency. She uses her skills to transform the visions of social change leaders into reality.

Crystal is the Senior Associate and Project Manager for Performance and Results (PAR). PAR uses the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) framework to guide Living Cities project teams in understanding how to collect and analyze data for continuous learning. Operationally, our aim is to support staff members and teams in developing their capacity to make meaningful and measurable contributions as people in their roles on teams and in our system. Previously, Crystal was the Associate for the Public Sector Innovation portfolio where she worked on the City Accelerator for Equitable Procurement and the Civic Tech and Data Collaborative.

Crystal joined Living Cities in 2016 as a Summer Intern. Prior to joining Living Cities, she was the Executive Project Manager at New York Film Academy, and the Department Manager of Asian Intellectual Property at TransPerfect Translations. She received her Master’s from Columbia University in Sustainability Management and her Bachelor’s from Binghamton University in Financial Economics.