Chinedu Enekwe

Chinedu Enekwe

Chinedu Enekwe is a member of the Builders and Benefactors network and the founding partner of AffinitiVC. Before launching AffinitiVC, Chinedu co-founded of tiphub and managed its pre-accelerator, Diaspora Demo, which supported over 35 startups raise over $7 Million in after program funding. Chinedu also led, Xcellon Capital, serving as investment director managing their $25M fund.

Chinedu Enekwe

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Black Futures Matter: Bet on Black

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, and it is characterized by the modern technology and internet-enabled business. Similar to the previous industrial eras, the financial sector will be largely responsible for backing the iconic companies that define this century’s wealth distribution – whether that is equitable or otherwise. This flywheel of entrepreneurship and the financial backers that enable them …

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