Beth Siegel is President at Mt. Auburn Associates, the firm that leads Living Cities’ Integration Initiative evaluation efforts. Planner, author, economic analyst, and educator, Beth Siegel believes economic development is vital, but that it must be sustainable and shared across society’s income strata. With that credo, she and the Massachusetts-based consulting firm she co-founded, Mt. Auburn Associates, have been national leaders in forging cohesive and coherent regional economic development strategies. The sophisticated blueprints for region-wide business opportunity that Siegel has crafted embody her central theme – wealth generation through sophisticated region-wide business development combined with a careful eye on not-so-obvious issues as workforce development, community development, and social justice. Siegel also understands process and implementation issues, and ably mediated the interests of diverse players to forge working collaborations. Foundations and government agencies that share those interests also turn to her to assess how they can more effectively leverage key opportunities and resources in these communities. Prior to founding Mt. Auburn Associates, Siegel served as Deputy Research Director of the Massachusetts Governor’s Commission on the Future of Mature Industries and spent four years as Senior Associate at Counsel for Community Development, a pioneer in development finance. She has taught economic development planning in the graduate planning programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tufts University. Ms. Siegel received a BA from Beloit College in Wisconsin and a Master in City and Regional Planning from Harvard University.