Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell currently serves as Director of Policy under Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, and the Director of Innovation for the Syracuse i-team.

After managing the city’s Comprehensive Plan, the City’s Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today, and the city’s partnership with IBM on our Smarter Cities initiative; Andrew saw the importance of developing, and facilitating an innovation culture within the City of Syracuse.

As Innovation Director, Andrew works to promote innovation, sound planning, environmental stewardship, and improved quality of life. He is deeply passionate about Syracuse, and excited for the City’s future.

Andrew Maxwell

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Bold Thinking in Syracuse: i-teams Profile

Innovation Teams (i-teams) are in-house innovation consultants who help cities tackle their biggest challenges. We spoke with Andrew Maxwell, Director of the i-team in Syracuse, New York, about his team’s efforts to improve City infrastructure over the past year. Why did your city apply to the i-team program? Syracuse has a history of leading the way on issues of civic …

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