Andrew E Olson

Andrew E Olson

Andrew is a Social Innovation Specialist and the GHHI lead for health policy and investor relations work for their Social Innovation portfolio, inclusive of 12 Pay for Success projects.

His work includes health-policy planning and analysis, advanced economic and financial modeling, conducting state-wide medical claims analysis with predictive modeling, and publishing over a dozen works on public health including topics related to sustainable funding to address the social determinants of health through Pay for Success. He is an energetic and passionate former consultant specializing in areas of management, health care, finance, technology, and economic development. He currently holds six academic degrees or certifications in philosophy, psychology, foreign policy, international economic relations, business, and finance.

Andrew E Olson

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Innovations in Pay for Success: Paving a Path to Sustainable Medicaid Funding for PFS Projects in Public Health

It’s been five years since the first Pay for Success transaction closed in the U.S. At Living Cities, we’ve been asking ourselves: “Five years later, what has Pay for Success (PFS) achieved and what does its future look like?” Our blog series will share reflections from us and our partners on new directions in PFS. Today we are featuring the Green & …

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