Anastasia Tomkin

Anastasia Tomkin

Anastasia Tomkin is a community case manager and mediator at the New York Peace Institute, one of the leading alternative dispute resolution centers in the city . She holds a BA in French and Spanish from the University of the West Indies.

When she isn’t organizing to advance racial justice through the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group at work, or via her blog The Black Revolution, she can be found channeling her afro-descendant heritage through dance.

Anastasia TomkiN

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The Power of Undoing Racism

This blog post is originally posted at The Black Revolution Blog. As the thick summer heat of August 2018 bids us farewell, I reflect on the highlight of my month, the Undoing Racism workshop held by The People’s Institute and hosted by Living Cities. An assortment of strong leaders from a range of non-profit/philanthropic organizations united for 2.5 grueling days of analysis, reflection …

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