This an exciting opportunity for someone who is committed to racial justice and wants to work on a collaborative team to address structural inequities through local government. Living Cities seeks to help local government leaders and staff develop racial equity and inclusion competencies and an analysis grounded in antiracist principles so that they will use their power and influence to implement practices, processes, policies that advance the safety and power of people of color.

The Senior Associate will be responsible for the strategy development and implementation of Living Cities applied research work with cities in the Year of Reckoning cohort and across the entire Closing the Gaps Network.  Partnering with an outstanding team of colleagues, consultants and external partners, the Senior Associate will split their role as project manager for the Year of Reckoning cohort and a team member of the Field-building and Sectoral change team. The Senior Associate will cultivate relationships within and among participating cities, ensuring all work remains consistent with the CTG Network’s core values and Living Cities’ priorities.  Moreover, the Senior Associate ensure that strategies being implemented by the Year of Reckoning cohort are shared to promote the adoption of those lessons by leaders in more cities across the network.

Core responsibilities:

Team operations and development

  • Serve as project manager for the Racial Equity & Inclusion (REI) Practice team, working with team members to support anti-racist analysis and competency building with our city cohort
  • With project leads, create an environment that can nurture team members to be accountable to each other
  • Create meeting rhythms, workplans, ongoing check ins to support the work of teams and working groups
  • Manage performance measures and budget with support from project lead and team members
  • Coordinate across CTG teams to ensure alignment
  • Map out and develop a political education plan for team members’ ongoing learning
  • Develop leadership development strategy for team members to feel equipped to be organizers in their roles
  • Work with administrative team to ensure that we are introducing, harnessing, aligning around, and continuously improving upon technologies, workflows, scheduling, and knowledge capture and communications systems

Network management:

  • Practice building transformational relationships with partners and city team and representatives through one-on-one calls, cross-organization meetings, and convenings
  • Make connections between Year of Reckoning cohort and field building work
  • Support efforts to coordinate with organizations providing guidance and technical assistance to the public sector
  • Plan and coordinate mayoral Chiefs of Staff and special advisors convenings
  • Plan and coordinate City Manager convenings


  • Support curriculum development and delivery in the Year of Reckoning cohort, participating CTG network cities and the field
  • Apply CTG network convening principles to co-create agendas and co-facilitate conversations with City Managers and Chiefs of Staff
  • Conduct and coordinate in-between meeting engagement with City Managers and Chiefs of Staff


Organizational acumen

  • Engages with internal/external stakeholders and fields questions about core areas to articulate org. mission and significance of being part of a collabora­tive; role models core value

Facilitation and convening

  • Designs and leads one-on-one and small team meet¬ings and convenings with simple and clear objectives
  • Sets direction for larger meetings/convenings, factoring in context, partic¬ipants and layered objec¬tives


  • Strategically and appropri­ately uses various methods of writing and speaking to catalyze momentum, convey ideas and foster collaboration
  • Strategically aligns purpose and audience; connects content to big picture


  • Shares relevant info with managers, team mem­bers, external partners and stakeholders
  • Identifies opportunities for collaboration in service of shared goals

Network weaving

  • Identifies links and through-lines across bodies of work across partners
  • Supports intra-network col­laboration; leverages exist­ing structures and platforms to support relationships and build/strengthen connec­tions among partners

Racial Equity and Inclusion (REI)

  • Understands foundational knowledge and core concepts of racial equity
  • Able to infuse REI practice and analysis in work and support others across the organization
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Awareness of self and others


  • A minimum of 6 years’ applicable work experience
  • A flexible and collaborative mindset
  • Exceptional communication, both verbal and written
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills with the ability to engage and listen effectively both in person and digitally
  • Ability to prioritize and manage a variety of projects
  • Ability to travel as needed, to different locations across the United States, including between our office locations
  • Experience with Office 365, Google Drive, Salesforce a plus

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