How the Pay For Success Construction Loan Can Expand Social Impact [INFOGRAPHIC]

How the Pay For Success Construction Loan Can Expand Social Impact [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve illustrated how the new Pay for Success “Construction Loan” can break-down barriers posed by upfront costs and create opportunities to scale Pay for Success Project Development.

We must use private capital to address today’s complex problems. We will not be able to grant our way out of them. But to attract that capital, there need to be financing vehicles that offer a rate of return commensurate with level of risk of the investment. And, we need to develop new models for investing not just in physical infrastructure, but also in human capital. One opportunity is to develop a commercially viable market for Pay for Success (PFS) financing.

Living Cities and Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc. are innovating to do just that through our PFS Construction Loan:

Pay for Success Construction Loan Infographic


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