This #GoodReads series spotlights media and resources that help us better understand racial inequity and what we can do about it.

One of the vital aspects of being a good ally or supporter in the struggle for social justice is understanding the lived experiences of those who have been and continue to be marginalized. We have to understand that the way in which every person interacts with the world and is perceived is dependent on their race, gender, and sexuality. In understanding where I fit in the struggle for social justice, one of the best ways I come to understand mgy identity and the experiences of others and what that means in relation to the movement is by reading thinkpieces and blogs, having conversations, and simply asking questions.

Blogs in particular provide spaces for folks who are marginalized to tell their own stories. Many bloggers combine critical analysis of current events with their own personal opinions, which are extremely important to reflect.

I have found that reading the blogs below is a great way to understand different perspectives and the lived experiences that are so critical to understand in order to be a good ally and supporter to marginalized peoples in the movement for social justice.

Feminista Jones

This blog features writings on Black Feminism, Black American culture, intersectionality, and women. Apart from being an award-winning blogger, Feminista Jones is also a social workers and activist. Her blog is the only one on our list with a sole contributor. Check it out if you’re interested in hearing her personal insights on all things from Issa Rae’s Insecure to her analysis and breakdown of stereotypical images thrust upon black women like the Mammy image.


A community of bloggers with various contributors, this platform features writings on politics, pop culture, and civil rights. This is one of my favorite platforms because it features many young feminists whose perspectives I feel I can relate to, who meanwhile often open my eyes to experiences or ideas that were previously unknown to me. Beyond that, they cover issues that are relevant and timely to the political climate we are living in like coverage on the debates of trans rights and reproductive rights for all women. I think they truly live the value of intersectionality as evident in their content. I’ve found that reading this blog is one of the easiest ways for me to stay informed and understand the opinions of other women of color.

The Establishment

Described as a multimedia company funded by women, this blogging platform is another community of contributors whose work centers on a myriad of topics ranging from wellness to politics, literature, and pop culture. What’s most enjoyable about this blog is the variety of content. It features artists, writers and creators of all kinds who produce audio, visual, and written content.


I had to include this platform because of its intentionality as a space for Queer and Trans People of Color to express themselves and share their stories and experiences. It’s the only platform of its kind despite the fact that such a platform is so necessary. It was started by Mia McKenzie in an effort to amplify the voices of QTPoC and it has done just that. Readin this blog is an amazingly powerful way to understand the lived experiences of Queer and Trans People of Color.

Given the current political climate we are experiencing, it most important now for us, as allies of the marginalized and victims of marginalization, to never stop learning and listening to those who are most affected.

Published: November 7, 2017
Category: Blog
Contributors: Joanna Carrasco